The Advantages of Single Drawn Hair



It is a task to understand the texture of hair as these are also of various types. Anka Hair in Vietnam is a reliable name in the field of human hair supplier and hair products. It has given an immense name to the company. Vietnam Hair is considered to be the best and the finest quality hair on the planet. It is categorized as follows:


Single Drawn Hair is available in the company. This type of hair is preferred to make wigs and hair extensions as the quality is exquisite.

Double Drawn Hair is another high quality of hair with full cuticle from top to bottom. No split ends and short hair in between. Thus the utility of such hair is evident.

Machine Weft Hair is soft and silky. The stuff is used by the company to make wigs and other hair products. The orders which are placed with them are taken very seriously by the professionals of the company.